Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Peach & Heather

There is just something about peach and grey that does it for me. I didn't want to treat the skirt like just a skirt (you know) so I paired it with a Frank & Eileen oxford button down to give it a chic appeal. Using the colors in the skirt as a guide, I decided to throw in a peach tone Christian Louboutin pump along with a peach toned Hermes Birkin bag to compliment each other, but not over power the color palette. To tone down the look, the Billie & Blossom cardigan gives this look a more dressier feel that can either be worn or ditched. Chic and simple. Shopping links to this looks are below.

Cardigan: Billie & Blossom
Handbag: Hermes


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